Welcome to the Chicago Data Viewer (CDV), our contribution to open government in Chicago and data visualization for BIG Data Week (May 5-11, 2014). CDV is an interactive digital media website showcasing select data visualizations using various dataset from the the City of Chicago open-gov initiative data portal located at MetroChicagoData.org.

CDV is primarily about data representing infrastructure, the elements of the built environment which make up a city. Infrastructure is planned for, designed by, and built by urban planners, civil engineers, architects, and construction companies. An example are road builders, the companies who for the past 100 years, built our system of highways, collector streets, and neighborhood streets-the life-blood of modern society.

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Design note: In addition to an address, you can enter a 'place name' in the map search box. Example: on the Parks visualization layer, type "Lincoln Park" and the map will zoom to Lincoln Park.